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This morning! The drama! At the end of the episode, Kate stands looking confusedly into the camera! The room is empty, but soon he will be back! Kate must make the decision! Will he? Won't he?
Well, we all know he won't, 'cause, well, he's Kate, but it's fun watching. ~grin, bounce~ Bless.

Latin today, a challenge : writing the rest of the poem that starts
I was trying not to think, though I knew it must be true -
After all, it's further proof that I'm just not as good as you...

without getting depressed in any way.

We must introduce Marillion (because I couldn't *really* call him Fish, and Fish was the singer with Marillion, and...y'know) to Steve. ~thinks~ ~collapses~ Meep...too much pretty...

Ahem. Anyway.

Will he? Won't he?

He will if I've got anything to do with it, and fortunately, I have.
And before Kate complains at all may I just point out that this is all his own fault and I never intended this to happen. Really. Honest. ~halo~

~looks things up~ Brilliant! The stalker lineup now runs at :
Pete Burns, Steve Jansen, Noddy Holder, Cilla Black, Marillion, Captain Sensible, and, well, currently The Man With No Name, but we'll find him one.

Sorry this post was more than usually bouncy/incomprehensible. I love you all!


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