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Just spoke to wildeabandon. I love her so, so much.
Wow. The three people I love most in the world and I get to speak to them all today...~smile, bounce~

I'm in an odd situation. It's currently going the way I think I want it to go. But there's also a significant part of me that wants to reverse it completely. I doubt that part will win, but suddenly thinking about it, I was surprised to find that I have an absolute conviction that, if I wanted, I could get it to go any way I wanted it to.
Power? Me? Scary. ~smile~ But I never feel this kind of confidence in myself. Generally I realise that having confidence in myself would be a positive thing, but over this, I'm not sure.

It's not my fault, anyway. I'm not the one confusing me. Hah. ~g~

And I have coke, and things are (mostly) good, and stalkage is happening (that "arms of Morpheus" line from earlier is cracking me up now, I didn't quite mean this one), and I'll be talking to giolla soon, hopefully, so, yay!

Must think about this power business, though. Yes. ~serious expression~


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