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I had a fun dream last night...

...prompted by a text message I got sometime (I really must learn to stop replying to them while I'm still asleep - once again I've no idea what I said).
I dreamed that this was all being done on purpose. And I woke up and thought, if this is a test, I've failed. Darn. And went back to sleep, where the dreams were weirder and less painful.
Somewhere in the night I lost Steve and Cilla - I was expecting to, though - and the John and Nick I was trying to be wouldn't stay. I've no idea who I kept waking up as.

~smiles~ Now for a morning of "Oooh, who's that?" I think.
Later : But seriously, who is that? I could swear I've seen that face somewhere around LJ...~thinks~

You know when you go to the dentist and they inject local anaesthetic and then do whatever they're doing, and you know it *ought* to hurt and so it's really weird that it doesn't? I feel like that. I know how much I should be hurting, but I'm not. ~s~ It's odd.


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