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Oh, and...

...further to that earlier question of whether I'm missing something on the whole "I want sex" question, and that business with Odile saying "when you just want something inside you" and me having no idea what she was talking about, I realised a couple of minutes ago (reading Ailei's fic The Devil Wants, incidentally) that I *did* know what she meant - but only when I'm someone else.
I guess I was just born to be a character vessel. ~s~ I don't mind a bit, and I'm really glad I appear to understand. ~thinks~ There was a whole episode at my house a while back where we were having *serious* trouble with Oz from Buffy, who'd gone down with something really *weird* which we originally put down to his being a werewolf and thus generically weird anyway, but eventually he recovered enough to talk and tell us that what he'd felt, what he'd been in so much pain with, was a huge kind of clawing emptiness that stretched all the way through him. And hurt.
Ailei just wrote Harry (I still can't get used to her Harry, but I *do* love him) saying something similar, and...I get it. ~s~ *I* just don't feel it. But I think that's probably a blessing, not a curse.



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