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Ye gods.

What is the point?

I just cannot get anything right. Ever.

I want to go home...

Sorry about all the angst, people. ~s~ I'm going away now, honest.


2 Livejournal Friends You Feel Closest To:
1. asrana
2. wildeabandon

2 Livejournal Friends You Wish You Knew or Want to Know Better:
1. fluffymark
2. countess_sophia

2 Livejournal Friends With The Most Interesting Journals:
1. lucylooo
2. giolla

2 Livejournal Friends You've Had On Your List The Longest:
1. asrana
2. shinysparkly

2 Livejournal Friends Who Would Make a Good Couple:
1. Ash and
2. Kate

2 Livejournal Friends With Attractive Icons:
1. babysimon
2. fluffymark

2 Livejounal Friends That Added You First:
1. aegidian
2. wildeabandon

2 Livejournal Friends That Have Never Left You A Comment And Vice Versa:
1. countess_sophia
2. simondraycott

2 Livejournal Friends That I'd Like To Meet, But Probably Never Will:
1. blu_dragonfly
2. sweetprince

2 Livejournal Friends You Have Not Yet Mentioned, Because They Are Too Cool For These Questions:
1. ciphergoth
2. purplerabbits

So now you know.

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