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Just seen 'The Music' and 'Black Rebel Motorcycle Club' on MTV2. They can, as far as I'm concerned, come and kidnap me any time they please. I am *impressed*.
Meanwhile, Electrelane (from Brighton! Yay!) release an EP and NME actually tells me about it before it's deleted, Fischerspooner have an album coming out at some point - it might even reach England, gasp - and Tiga & Zyntherius's cover of 'Sunglasses At Night' is playing on national radio!
VH-1 are doing an 80s day today...but I'm not going to get to see most of it...sigh.
But, still. New music! That's good! Yay!
And NME are right. Moby's new song *is* vageuly Numanoid. But that would be because he's a big Gary Numan fan. Hah!
And, scarily, one of my friends here's sister used to go out with Guy, the lead singer from The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. ~swoon~

So anyway. Music! Yay!


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