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I will *not* fall in love again.

It would be *daft*. So. Won't. ~smile~

And here's...

Stolen from thechaosdiva, my beloved angel valentine sweetheart. ~blows kisses~

1. How tall are you?

2. If you could own one thing that hasn't been invented yet, what would it be?
A time machine.

3. One year in prison for something you didn't do or say you did it to get a year's probation?
Depends what it was, but the thought of being in prison horrifies me. (Yes, Roedean jokes aside, thank you...)

4. Do you believe human beings are instinctively monogamous? Why?
No. In fact people have spent years trying to convince me it's true, and I never quite believed it. But I'm not sure if that's just because I know I'm not, and so many of the people I currently know aren't monogamous either...

5. Describe the immediate area surrounding your computer.
This one's in the Keswick computer room, surrounded by bits of paper from the printer which isn't sodding working. ~sigh~

6. You're having a dinner party with six well-known, currently living people. Who do you invite?
Boy George
Nick Rhodes
John Taylor
Simon Le Bon
Marilyn Manson
Mario Testino, to take photographs.

7. Name an article of clothing or an accessory that you don't have but would like to own.
~smile~ Apart from the obvious, I'd really like a black top with silver embroidered on it...

8. Name three things you'd like to do in this lifetime but haven't yet.
Release a record
Meet Nick Rhodes
Meet the guy I'm *absolutely not* falling in love with Go to Whitby

9. If you could return to life (after death) as an adult, retaining the knowledge you gained in this lifetime, and you could choose a different locale and era, where and when would that be?
~bounce bounce bounce~ London, early 80s! Yes! Oh yes.

10. Who cooked the best breakfast you ever had? What was it?
My nan. Everything she cooks is wonderful.

11. Where do you go to meditate and think?
I can do that anywhere...

12. Share a lesson you've learned.
Sweet dreams really *are* made of this...and some of them want to abuse you, and some of them want to be abused, and it can all be a whole lot of fun. ~g~

13. What does your favorite pair of shoes look like?
Uh...black? ~g~

14. If you could commit one crime--one free crime, no consequences--what would it be?
I'd inflict GBH on various people. Wouldn't actually kill anyone. Would want them to still be alive afterwards, with their lessons well and truly learned.

15. Do you believe in heaven? Even if you don't, if you could design it, what would it look like?
I'm not sure. When you see the sun on the sea, spears of gold through the clouds, it's hard not to believe in something wonderful up there...but I don't believe in god, so I can't really see the need for a heaven in my universe. ~s~
...Whitby? ~grin~

16. Tell me about someone I probably don't know about.
<------This is Tasha. She's one of my best friends here, she's a wonderful flautist and one of the best artists we've got in school. She likes Nirvana and Incubus and is friends with May and Gemma, both of whom you've heard about at some point...

17. What are the things you like best about your life RIGHT NOW?
You lot.

18. What would you like to be doing with your life five years from now?
I want to be famous. I know, I know.

19. Go for a mental walk and pick up five imaginary objects. What did you get?
An eraser
A hairclip
A flower
A pendant off a necklace

20. If I ask you to build something, what's the first thing that came to your mind?
A glass pyramid, but then, I have Paris on the brain, thanks to fluffymark.


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