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...how realising you were frightened by someone's own complete idiocy, and that it's idiocy on a scale that's not likely to be repeated, helps to kick the fear. Yay!
But, total utter disgust at the person for being such a complete prat in the first place. Jesus - if I went around saying to everyone at school, "I'm really into having my skin hacked into with sharp instruments, you should try it, here, look at this pretty knife" I'd have been sent home and shouted at for hours. What a twerp. ~shakes head~

In other news, more yay! I have friends who Understand! Yay!

Oh, roll on my Summer Ball. ~bounce, bounce, bounce~

And, mmmmm...if that Liberty X (which is apprently now their name) video keeps playing on Smash Hits I may have to become re-addicted to music TV...just the way one of the guys loves the camera, moves for the camera, and with the black leather and the coat and the cane and stuff...~blinks~ Ahem. Anyway.


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