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OK, own up, who's got my muse?
I started this just a short while ago, inspiration hitting me like a speedboat, and realised it's not really going to go anywhere.
It's ages since I wrote something that wasn't about one of you lot. ~g~ I think it shows.

I swallow, trying to control my reactions, and then he looks up and sees me watching. For a split second I wonder whether to just shrug and look away, but the expression on his face is such an exquisite mix of curiosity, vulnerability and obvious interest that I give in and let myself very deliberately look him up and down, and up again. When I finally meet his eyes, his lips are parted slightly, and it's all I can do not to just march over there; but I have more style than that and he expects more from me.
I shan't, I think, disappoint him.

If I can't do better than that fairly soon I'm going to have to give up on this one, which would be a shame as I rather like the idea.

Sigh. I'm supposed to be typing out documentation for my French coursework; I suppose I should probably do that.


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