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It hasn't been too bad a day I suppose...I have such random lessons on a Wednesday. But ANYway and HEIGH ho, I've got through them. Every day, every single day brings me closer to the day I leave this school. I just have to keep thinking that.

Claudia left school the other day. She's been here longer than me and I guess she just couldn't take it any more, but it seems an awful waste. We miss her.

~thinks~ Last night I hung around Tasha and May's room with Alex and Jewel and Gilly and Christie. We listened to music. We chatted. We laughed a lot. It was really really nice, one of those times when the word "nice" means a good thing, warm and fuzzly and stuff. You know?
Today, Jewel has talked to me a couple of times and even volunteered a picture of tthis guy she likes, she actually *wanted* to show me.
Perhaps things are actually going to be ok with her. Everyone please keep their fingers crossed for me.

I recorded a couple of songs from May's CDs this morning, too. I'm impressed. Even the stunningly awful Crazytown managed to yeild a song I like. ~s~ Well done, boys.

~sigh~ Well...I suppose I'd better...do something else. ~g~ Dunno what.

But before I do. ~ggls~ Go here. Go "aww". Go look at more stuff there. YAY SANDRA! YAY SANDRA! ~holds up little Sandra banner~

A-HA! More ff.net, I think.


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