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This entry was going to be titled
"What a difference a day makes...."
and would have read
"...well, not really, but my god, what a difference a number makes. I finally feel like less than just #247 in a list of wide-eyed girls..."

And then I got an e-mail, and, just, oh....~watches coherence fly out of window; waves~

So, so, so anyway...~distracted~

There was a point to this entry once. It was something to do with generally feeling better today than I have for the past week; oh yes, and that it was odd to have that tempered by jealousy, because one line from a poem is going round and round my head and every time I think it it cuts deeper and more painfully into my heart. But, um, I kind of don't care right now, so if y'all don't mind I'm going to be curled up in a corner going "eep".
Probably in a good way.

Oh. My.


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