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I so should learn not to love people so much...

When they hurt, I hurt, and when they're worried about something, it bothers me all day...~laughs~ Ah well. This is a minor thing after all.

So anyway, it's morning. I'm lonely. This is...normal. And I'd so better get used to it again. ~s~

Ach. I'm faintly jealous of someone I don't even *know*, my ever-present desire to fix things is in serious overdrive, and we have Chapel and Handshaking this morning.

Good things? Oh yes...although they bizarrely didn't show up for, like, hours, I have initials on my back, too.
Pretty. Pretty pretty pretty.

Hmm. At least we have Sky here. Get to see the Sugababes video more often...this would be a Good Thing, as the video is every bit as great as the song.

Also, CDs! Thank you, aegidian - arrived back at school to find them waiting, as you said! ~bounce~ Will listen later today...

And now, breakfast.


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