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...my voice is gone, my heart is (for the minute) broken, and my mind....well, there's never been any question about my mind.
God, I feel so fucking awful. ~sigh~ I don't know why, I just woke up this morning with a definite feeling of "oh. Shite day alert."
~buries head in hands~ ANYway.

Last night was an educational experience! I sat in May's room and she played me many songs from bands that she likes, and even Jewel got up the courage (in the face of I, the scary lesbian, tee hee) to play me a couple of songs. Some respect, if you please, to the Deftones, (Jewel's favourite band), who did a pretty decent cover of "Nightboat" and a very good cover of "The Chauffeur" (both DD).
I was most impressed, I think, by a song by the much-slashed band Orgy - it was so early-80s-futurist that I find it hard to believe there's been no Numan influence in there somewhere. Tasha's been making me listen to Boy Hits Car (of all the charming names) and the guy's voice is very cool indeed. May and Jewel are overfond of an insane Armenian metal band called System Of A Down. They're appalling, but very, very funny.

Anywho. I'd better go find out what lessons are going to be further wrecking this day.


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