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From somewhere, I've got this strange idea...

...that reading fanfic will help.
In fact, it won't, and it just panics me lots, as has been established previously on these very pages, but somehow I'm still convinced of it.
If my life is just one big TV show or something, I do hope the audience is getting a real laugh out of all this. ~g~
Ach. My head is full of chopstick; I don't like it. [/Duranie]

Here we sit, trying to believe what we've been told, knowing that if we don't believe it we're going to be in for one heck of a shock, but not daring to believe it in case it isn't true.
There are just nicer ways of being dashed to pieces, y'know? ~smile~

Anyway, really must pack today, so shall start that now. When I've stopped reading Duranfic that's making me - ~shudder~ - like Warren. So wrong...
Sunday tomorrow! Yay!
Storage is lonely and there are just too many of those polystyrene bits of stuff...


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