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What year is it again?

For two reasons.
One - Top Of The Pops tonight.
Right, 'Unchained Melody', sung by a fresh-faced youth, is number one, which would make it c. 1964.
But number two is 'Lazy' by X-Press 2 (c. 1992) featuring the great David Byrne (c. 1981). It's a fantastic song, I'm glad to have heard it.
There was a song called 'Highly Evolved' by The Vines. The song was a minute and a half long (1977) but the band sounded like early Blur (1993) with irritating Hives-like screaming (2002).
Then there were 1 Giant Leap (1994) - another fabulous song - then 3SL (2000) who sounded like a group of lads on karaoke night, Usher (1989) and Garbage (1997).
What the heck is going on in the World of Pop?

Enough geekery. The other reason I don't know what year it is is that I'm distracted out of my mind.
Oh, why why *why* isn't it my birthday yet?
~would sulk, but is too busy rolling around on the floor, arching, purring lots and being generally distracted~


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