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Ick, and further, ick.

Some people never know when to stop, when to shut up, when to let a subject drop, when to be serious...
My mother is guilty of most of these - she's phoned me five times today...~smile~ Yes. I do know it's only that she cares. She sang for Princess Margaret's memorial service this morning. I'm so proud of her.

I had (as some of you may have gathered) a severe jealousy attack this afternoon, which was particularly horrific...haven't felt like that in a long time. For a while now my mindset has been, cheerfully, "Sigh. I wish I could have that right now. But I will have it, one day. So, that's fine."
Today it went, "Sigh. I wish I could have that right now. Or ever. Because it will never happen. And why not? Why don't I deserve it? Well, because I'm a worthless unattractive bitch, that's why!" And raved on for a couple of hours.

Somehow I managed to shut it up - mainly by going and being Steve Jansen and sleeping for a little while resting in Cilla's arms. Never a bad thing.

But some people never know when to shut up.
Or is being permanently on the make a good thing, and I'm just dreadfully conservative...?


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