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Better now.

Parents leaving house (and therefore child) for two days = parents wanting things to be friendly, at least on the surface. Mother has apologised.
Feathers generally less ruffled all round.
Tea was a good idea. Thank you, wechsler.

And yes, I have already done this one, but hey. You don't have to read it. ~s~ Apparently, asrana stole it off *me*, so there you go. But I'm bored. Just smile, and nod.

Full Name: Emily Hannah Woolf
Birth date: 19th June 1984
Location: Here.
Your zodiac sign: Gemini, and it shows.
Nicknames: Em, Ems, DurAnorak online.
Eye Color: Blue/grey/green.
Height: 6'.
Hair Color: Dark blonde.

The Crush Side
Do you have a crush: Several. At the moment, all three objects of stalkerdom count, as I've never spoken to them or seen them in real life.
Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Not that I know of, though my parents think I do.
Have you ever said I Love You to your crush? Not to any of the three I mentioned. I very much doubt it would ever come up with two of them.
When you first meet someone you notice? Their hair and their clothes.
Who was your first crush: Oh god...I can't even remember. Too long ago.
Would you give your virginity to your crush? To the crushes? Heck, no.

Have You Ever...
Loved someone so much it made you cry? Always.
Done Drugs? No.
Gone all the way? No.
Eaten an entire box of Oreos? Yes.
Ever been on stage? Yes. (Again, soon, *please*.)
Dumped someone? Yes. For some odd reason it always seems to be me.
Gotten in a Car Accident? Almost.
Watched Punky Brewster? Not yet.
Hiked up a mountain? Not as such.
Stayed home on a Saturday night just because? I usually stay home Saturday nights.
Been in love? Of course.
Seen the Eiffel tower? Many times.
Been kissed? Yes. I've also kissed people, which is different.
Gone an extended period of time w/o shaving? Yes.
Have you ever been dumped? Actually no. Go me! ~g~
Been unfaithful? Yes.
Made homemade fudge? Yes. Must, again. Soon. Yes.
Eaten kajmak? No. What?

- have cut the 'Favourites' section as not even I care any more ~g~ -

Do you have a best friend? Yes, asrana, my bestest friend of all my friends!
Who do you hang out with the most? If it weren't so ridiculous I'd say recently it's been giolla, just because of the amount of time I've spent on the phone with him. But more usually, myself.
Who do you email the most? giolla.
Who have you known the longest out of your friends? Sara.
Who's the shyest? asrana.
Who do you go to for advice? asrana, Tasha, May, wildeabandon, Ritchie.
Who do you go to to talk about guys/girls? See above.
Who knows all of your secrets? Nobody. (Yet. ~grin~)
Whose parents are the best? Um, Hannah's like me lots. ~s~
Do you have a good friend? Several.
Who's your funniest friend? Was Odile before she left...probably Sara...
Who do you go to the mall with the most? Nadia.
Who's the loudest? Nadia now that Odile's gone.
Who's your crush? Hmm. A very pretty man, a very interesting one, and one with fabulous clothes.
Who are you jealous of? Has in the past been many people. Now...barely two.
Who do you cry with? Everyone. Always apologise lots for it, though. ~smile~

In The Last 24 Hours, Have You...
Cried: Oh, yes.
Laughed: Yes.
Made someone laugh? Yep.
Helped someone: I don't know. Sometimes things I do help without my realising it. ~shrug~ I don't think I've actively tried to.
Bought something? No.
Cut you hair? No. ~sigh~
Worn a tie? Yes.
Been kissed? No.
Felt stupid? Yes.
Said I love you? Yes oh yes.
Written a real letter? No.
Written on paper? Yes.
Taken a test? No. Well. Sort of? Possibly. In a way.
Met someone new? No.
Written in a journal? Yes indeed.
Watched your favorite movie? No.
Given someone a present? No.
Had a serious talk? Not really, no. ~s~
Missed someone? Oh, yes.
Hugged someone? Parents, yes.
Fought with your parents? Yep.
Fought with a friend? Not in the last 24hrs.
Oh, and rah! I got rid of Seb! I found someone much more appropriate for the very pretty man to spend time with.

In the last 7 days have you...
Cried? Yes. More than in a long time.
Helped someone? I expect so.
Bought something? Yes.
Not known the answer in class? Holidays! Rah!
Dissected something? Only emotions and stuff.
Cut your hair? I have had my hair cut in the past week, yes. ~smile~
Worn a skirt? Yes.
Been mean? Only twice that I can think of.
Been sarcastic? What, me?
Gone for a run? ~laughs lots~ Right...
Gone for a walk? Not specifically, though I have been walking.
Gone to the movies? No.
Gone out for dinner? Yes, sort of.
Said "I love you"? Many many times.
Had sex? No. ~laughs~
Talked to an ex? Via email, yes.
Missed an ex? Have to aim better next time...
Met someone new? Yes. ~smile~
Given someone a present? Now that you come to mention it, I suppose I sort of have, haven't I? ~smiles more~
Had a nightmare? Several. ~shudder~

Coffee or cocoa? Cocoa.
Hot or cold? Both! Um, preferably cold.
One pillow or two? Three! (I get three pillows! [/running joke])
Lace or satin? Satin with lace edging?
Red or blue? Depends what shade. ~gets sudden story idea and blinks~
New or old? Old.
Dawsons or party of 5? Dawsons, from that miserable choice.
Here or there? There. ~sigh~
Jeans or cords? Jeans, only because cords are the work of the devil.
Sweater or sweatshirt? Neither.
Pencil or pen? Pen.
T-shirt or tank top? Whatever.
Stripes or solids? Solids, stripes are relatively evil.
Wool or cotton? Cotton wool?
Rose or Lily? Both?
Chocolate milk or plain? Plain, if I must. Chocolate added to it just compounds the pain.
Celsius or Fahrenheit? I don't care.
Spring or fall? Autumn.
Blue or black ink? Black. (Black everything. Duh. *NotAGoth*.)
Skirt or dress? Either. I have missed wearing dresses, actually.
Private school or public school? Yes.
The way it is or the way it was? The way it was, mostly, except for my life, in the case of which most *definitely* the way it is. ~g~



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