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It's been a music kind of day...

I've got Blancmange on at the moment, and have just listened to "Lose Your Love" for the first time, because when I was flicking through the first time, the beginning sounded bad so I didn't listen to it. It's *great*!
There's something about Blancmange. Mind you, there's something about everyone, otherwise nobody would like them. But that's not the point. There's definitely something about them, rather like the something there is about China Crisis and The Associates; even though you may not like some of the songs, you have to applaud their ingenuity. And they look so ordinary, like Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark did. I guess in the 80s everyone either looked really *really* bizarre or really *really* normal. Still, it's funny to think that this guy right here, yes, him, was in the charts at the same time as these guys.

~ggls~ So much fun linking you guys to pictures, I think I may have to continue this exercise.

Since I've been raving about Gary Numan, you may as well learn what he looks like. Before I put up any photos, may I say that even if you've not the faintest clue about The Numan, this site is *very funny*. ~ggls a lot~
Anyway, Gary essentially looks like this, except when he looks like this ("Who's just stolen my coolness?"), or this, or this (Ohhh, yes please), or this, or, er, this.
I'm sure you can see why I love him so. ~g~

This is the other guy currently floating my musical boat, though not with the song on this page.

This site is absolutely FANTASTIC, although it's in French so it's a bit confusing at times. It seems to occasion a lot of pop-up windows and things, but the list of bands is so comprehensive and the links all seem to work and just...wow. I'm very impressed. Yay!

Anywho, with Nik Kershaw on the stereo making me smile and dance in my seat, I'll say g'night and go and read more of Ailei's fic.


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