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Oh, miaow.

For once the latest stalker object wasn't someone I found on LJ, but he does have an LJ and...oh my, such a pretty pretty picture.

He's also funny, approachable, and taken, though this last is not at all surprising given his almost painful prettiness.

Mother is back! Has spoken to me briefly about the cutting business; consensus seems to be that her gladness that I trusted her enough to tell her overrides her worry and such, now that she's had time to think about it.
God my parents are great.
And she also brought me back chocolates - manons, which are just *so* nice - so, yay!

Oooh. Bounce. Miaow. Latest stalker object and Gulliver know one another. Miaow. Miaow. Miaow.

Pretty pictures. ~smile~

In other news, I am positively *drowning* in adorableness. Watch me fall. ~grin~ Have I mentioned that I like sweet things? Well...


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