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The Sandman hates me...

So the night before last, and the night before that, I have a really very frightening dream, which, thank goodness, I didn't get last night.
Oh, no. 'Cause *last* night I got a forty-foot-long, ten-foot-high Moray Eel. There are not many creatures in the world that fill me with absolute horror and fear, but that is one of them. ~shudder~
I could be terribly Freudian (or something) about it but I'd really rather not be.
And god knows what being Freudian about the one *before* that would turn up...eek.

I'm insecure damn it...don't make it worse like that... ~sigh~ Add that to the charming new character I've had to create (his name's Seb and he's an absolute pain) coming in this morning and saying to me "God, a couple of compliments and you're anybody's, aren't you?"
~curls up on sofa and tries very hard to believe that it wasn't meant~
Not anybody's. Not.

That would be me shutting up now, I think.
Blasted fanfiction. I wouldn't know how that felt if I'd never read TPC. ~curls up even smaller~


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