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I woke up late *again*!

Gah. Really must get my alarm clock back from wherever it's disappeared to.

~heads back to ff.net~ I forgot two things when I was there! One, that I needed help with Linkin Park, and there is stuff there, and I should have been reading it, and two, that I can finally get at Ailei's writing!!!

At last!

I've MISSED her Harry/Draco fic that I couldn't find again on HPslash...~ssssigh~

~cracks up and looks astonished~ And in another Discworld...I seem to have created a convert to V/V! ~Jewel "yay"~ I rock! And it's *good*! Badly spelled, but good. Yay! VERY good! YAY! *YAY*! YAY YAY YAY!!!


~feels everything twist up inside and shudders~ Something tells me we're going to be wandering off soon to find Lottie and give him a hug...eeeeep. And I thought *I* was inventive when it came to icky things to do to prisoners. Eep.

But I *do* like : "This conversation is not bloody well finished you, you... Sir."

~looks vaguely astonished~ You know...I think...this story...was my....idea? When I last spoke to the author...??? ~frowns and thinks hard~ Gosh. ~s~ Cool! ~ggls more~

Oh, oh oh oh oh oh god I'm going to *cry*...oh god(s). Right, we MUST find Lottie. This is not good. ~sigh~

~Jewel "yay"~ They're going to be ok...oh thanks the gods. Right, off to find my poor Patrician and drag him around with me today. Poor thing. ~s~


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