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Rah, rah, and rah again, I say.

My dad is great. I talked to him this evening about the whole cutting issue, and...I impressed him lots, so, go me. ~g~ He said he was surprised and glad I'd thought it all through, and though he had one or two perfectly reasonable objections that I understand and respect, he's basically said I'm my own person and can do what I want so long as it is what *I* want - he knows I don't get pressurised into things, ever - and I understand the potential consequences.
Go my dad. ~happy smile~ And go him also for telling my mum that he would deal with it.
Thought you'd all like to know. ~smile~

Also, Dead Or Alive were on TOTP2. The drummer was so so *so* attractive...and...he looks very like my latest object of stalkerage...so...yay!

Also, definitely (barring Acts of God or suchlike) seeing giolla on Sunday! YAY!

Also...mmm....so distracted...~rolls around on floor, purring~


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