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Musings before I leave...


The little bastards have won me over. I can't help it. They're adorable. I doubt I'll ever really like their music - though I have so much more respect for it than for other boybands, you wouldn't believe - but the guys themselves are cute, and the fanfic is incredible. It really is. There are some fandoms in which the fanfic is very nearly universally good, and as far as I can tell 'NSync seems to be one of these - apart, of course, from the nonsense on Celebrity, still the world's worst story repository. I've read some incredibly good, imaginative, sensitive, heartrending stories. So...I guess I'm stuck with them. But when they're this cute, who's really complaining, hmm?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Oz has finally made it through from the Land of the Unattractive. I thought he was desperately ugly for ages - and then I was watching one of my Buffy videos and it suddenly just clicked. It all fell into place. I think it's also beacuse I used to hate Xander, and then I began to appreciate his attractiveness. So guess what? They set up home together. Along with Giles and Ethan, and Angel and Spike. I do so love a happy Buffy couple.

David Bowie

I've liked him for years, but last night I was watching a programme about great music TV moments, and Bowie's first Top Of The Pops performance was shown, and people talked about how incredible it was seeing that on their screens, 'cause there'd never been anything like it before. And I've heard all that a hundred times, but all of a sudden I understood why it was so amazing, and found myself crying in front of the TV. Sigh.

Paul Morley

Is the world's biggest tosser!

Roleplaying and Nick Rhodes

Recently - as one of you will know - I've taken RPing to a slightly higher stage. ~g~ I mean, I used to talk to, say, Javelin, when other people were in the room, and once in a while I'd become him as a sort of...party trick, if you like...but normally I restrain myself from actually 'becoming' people when I'm with...well...anyone.
So it's been interesting, being Nick Rhodes. Being Nick Rhodes on the *telephone*. That's really a new one. It's...exhilarating and wonderful and fun and there's a part of me that knows it's only make-believe but it's such a small part that I can ignore it most of the time. And even that part has to sit back on its heels when I unexpectedly get things right, seemingly quite by accident.
And the rest of me...is Nick. Completely. Always when I chat as someone else or whatever, I can talk about things I can't normally, and there'll be other things I can't talk about that normally I could. But I wasn't sure that would hold up...being someone else in front of people is...half-incredibly wonderful, and half-terrifying.
And boy, did he ever look at some *ugly* clothes in the charity shops we were visiting. ~cracks up~ No style, that man.
I don't know. I don't know. It should be so complicated and it is so simple, and it worries me sometimes that I can let it overtake me so completely. I don't know whether or not to worry. I'd rather not. I love it so much.

Disneyworld, FL

Is where I'm going at crack of dawn tomorrow morning, and it's a fantastic place and from what I remember of it I think it's almost impossible *not* to have fun there. And yet? And yet, I'm going with a friend with whom I have just had a really, *really* big fight, most of which was my fault - though I expect she'd say it all was, which I suppose is fair enough, she came off worst - and...I don't know. I'm sort of dreading it all a bit, really. I can be civil - nice, even - but it's a place where you ought to feel as relaxed as possible and I just don't know whether I'll be able to.
But hey. We can hope, right?


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