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Phones, and things.

1) Have almost no credit on my phone again. Therefore, if you call and for whatever reason I don't answer, don't leave a voice message - I can't pick it up. Text me instead and I'll call you back from the house phone when I can. K? Great.

2) Does anyone know someone called Shane? I had a voice message a while back that appeared to be from someone called Shane. I know no Shanes. Help?

3) Some sweet person texted me on Saturday, but it wasn't a number I knew and they didn't sign it or anything. If they could let me know who they are, I'd love to be able to thank them properly. ~smile~

4) Parents not in tonight or Thursday night, therefore :
wildeabandon, will phone this afternoon.
giolla, if you've got any time this evening when I could call...?
ciphergoth, sorry about last night - parents were trying to get to sleep in room directly below me and thus don't take kindly to phone conversations. ~s~ If you can call tonight before eleven (when dad gets back I think) that would be great; if not, sometime Thursday night?

I do so love days when my parents are going to be elsewhere. Means I don't really have to do anything, so I plan to spend a little while making myself a collage of LJ's Beautiful People, so that I can print it out and stick it on my wall at school and everyone can wonder who they are.
So many very beautiful people on LiveJournal. It's really rather extraordinary.

Given that it looks like I may see giolla on Sunday, I feel slightly better. Many many thanks for all supportive comments.


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