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When I tell you that the high point of my weekend was almost being suffocated - this is absolutely true - you'll know how utterly great it was.

I would like to thank everyone who commented on the last entry...so far, so slightly-strained-but-normal with my parents. They look like not stopping me doing anything anytime soon...I'm betting either mother is waiting until she can talk to someone about this, or has told father who has told her it's really got nothing to do with them and all they can hope is that I'll grow out of it.
I can live with that.

Jesus, what a horrible weekend. Got worse and worse and worse and *worse*.
Good points : wildeabandon looking so beautiful I nearly cried many times. Small moment of sharp-thing-meepage in park. Aforementioned almost-suffocation.
Bad points too many to list, and counting.

A couple of hours ago I could not have found words for how upset, how resentful, how hurt and how goddamn angry I was. I'm rapidly becoming too tired to care.

If it weren't for one person, I'd just leave LJ and the internet generally for a while, but there's one person who's keeping me here - even though he has no idea he's doing it - and I thank him for it.
Later : Hmm. Potentially two people; it's amazing what a beautiful, slightly frightening-looking man can do for my mood. ~smile~ Good old LJ. Wish he posted more.
Why can't the English teach their children how to *spell*? Sigh. ~g~

I am relatively furious. A number of people have caused me lots of pain in various interesting ways. I know they didn't mean to, these things just happen from time to time. Nevertheless, I haven't been this hurt in a very long while.

Before this trails off into angsty gothdom, which I would never do because I am Not A Goth (incidentally, kitty_goth, I am wearing pink today), I shall end by bouncing about the Sugababes' new single, 'cause it's great and I can't wait till it's out, and leave you all in peace.

Much love,


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