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A recent amusing comment - from the usual source of amusing comments - has just made me spill coke on the keyboard. Thank you, darling.
Obviously not just competing for World's Most Thoughtful Person, but World's Most Generous and World's Most Literary as well. Tee hee.

I, um. I can't actually remember ever being this distracted, like, *ever*, which is pretty impressive for me. I've had moments this morning where I've just wound up sitting in a chair shaking, with pictures in my head that I *know* I shouldn't have there because they're not realistic. ~sigh~ Still...
It's been years - I really do mean a very long time - since my at-home-by-myself-roleplaying actually included myself, apart from in randomly chatting to the Kates and Tanyas of this world. I think the last time was when I was eleven, when I was so crazy about prince Kheldar from the David Eddings books.
Oh, shush, Em. Just...stuff.

And so distracted...~meep~


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