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Need to remember...

...that fantasy and reality are Different Things.
(No matter how much one seems to be crossing into the other right now.)

I don't usually have trouble with this, but you know how things sometimes are. wildeabandon once gave me some good advice about the particular thing that's currently bothering me, and I'm sure I should have listened to her.

Oh, and then there's that.
~wanders over to her Memories~
Have determination, will convince.

Eh. Have homework, will do.

Have friends, will shut up. Promise. But...

It seems such a shame to cut myself now...I'm trying not to...but I'm suddenly so very angry and so *very* unhappy and I've finally got around to realising this is all doomed from the start and I can't deal with it and I have to work or my parents will scream at me and I can't pull the covers over my head because I have to work and anyway it won't help and I can't be anyone else and I can't get away and I can't run out and oh god what is wrong with me?
I should be so happy.


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