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Oh, my poor parents. ~g~

My mum's just told me I should get some sleep. I've really worried them by how happy I am. ~shakes head~ Faintly disturbing to think my parents are shocked when I'm anything other than in tears...

No further work today. May well sleep. Am tired. Very.
Feel bad for being unable to help, again. Never mind; the time will come when I shall be able to.

Every separate memory merits so much time spent thinking about it, but I can't because if I think about any of it for more than about ten seconds I can't cope and my brain swerves away from it in sheer self-defence.
~happy shiver~
~happy, generally~

~sudden blink~ What - huh?
Um, apparently someone's bought me an extension of my paid account. ~stunned~ Thank you, whoever you are. I'm sorry if that's been the case for a while and I hadn't noticed - I got no e-mail notification of course, so...

Things just seem to keep getting better and better. ~shakes head~ Weird.


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