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~cracks up~


I'm amused! By this! (Actually I'm not just amused by it, it's giving me ideas, but...shhh....don't tell...)
And I SO see what you mean about the idiots on ff.net - I mean, what kind of brain do you need to have to write :
"It pretty much sux..... but you might wanna reasd it anywayz cuz its short. PLEASE REVIEW, BECAUSE I NEED SOME SELF ESTEEM FOR MY NEXT STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This, by the way, was for a story called "When The Deftones Ran Out Of Milk". I mean...yah.
Hands up who's not reading it? OR reviewing it? ~waves hands~
~ggls~ Another summary effort : "rated R for serious plot thingy". ~laughs a lot~
I love ff.net. Tee hee.
~Jewel "yay"~ (you have to hear it to appreciate it) It's a N/J "do you remember the first time?" story! Oh dear...actually it's not too bad, but the grammar is pretty much shot. Oh well, mine gets lost along the way sometimes too. ~g~ ~rolls eyes~ Will everyone please learn - *please* - that it's spelled "come"? Thank you. ~shudders~ Well, that wrecked that one for me. ~s~ Poor Nick, reduced to such inelegance by an oversexed writer...
People wonder why I so dislike Mary-Sues. This is why :
Exhibit A : "After meeting a beautiful, yet terrifyingly evil woman, Nick's world is turned into an inescapable nightmare that alters reality and threatens his very existence."
Exhibit B : Two females out on the town meet Simon LeBon andNick Rhodes and proceed to be taken on a wild ride in theprocess. Its a tale of deception, mystique and debauchery"
Then again, I was pretty impressed by these summaries...~g~ :
"John and Nick find themselves in a very bizzare situation involving mannequins, severed limbs and large pieces of cutlery."
"Ugh ... I hate summaries ... Nick's in it ... there ... now read it!"

What more is there to say, after all? ~ggls~
Eeeeeee, Fred & Wes slash. No thanks! Eww.....

OH MY GOD! Someone's written Rufus Wainwright slash....~is ecstatic~ ~Jewel "yay"~
~is impressed, too~ : "A couple of lovers sat at a booth, holding hands across the table-top and talking in hushed voices as if anyone really gave a damn about what they were saying to each other." I like that.
Oh. Oh, it's sweet. Oh, it's *good*. Yay. ~s~
~baffled look~ Gorillaz slash? I mean...huh? *Eww*. Oh well...each to their own I suppose.

I'm also dancing in my chair to "The Joy Circuit". My GOD it's FANTASTIC! Music makes me so happy....so so happy...~smile~ It's just *so damn good*...oh my god...~cries~ it's AMAZING....~happysigh~

Chris, I miss you.


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