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Oh, dear.

~g~ I love my friends.

Got around to watching last night's TOTP2 - The Cure! Lullaby! Yay! Robert Smith frightening the audience! Yay! ~g~

I've got to rehearse for my exam this afternoon and it's ever-so-slightly nervewracking...~meep~

Hmm. We're now more apprehensive about next Monday than about Saturday (when the exam is). For some reason I find that terribly amusing.

Damn it, I want to give you all presents and I wouldn't even know what to get half of you...~sigh~

I have on a CD called "Dawn Of Electronica Uncut" which is one of the three best compilations of electronic music, like, *ever*. I haven't listened to it in ages.
~bounce~ ~does the Ultravox dance~



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