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Oh, it's *such* a short time now...

...before I go absolutely spare and start breaking things.

Don't make me angry.
Just don't.
If you've got something to say that you think might make me angry - don't say it.
Not today.
Say it on Tuesday when I might be less tense.
Then it will probably make me cry, but I'm sure if you were intending to make me angry anyway you won't mind that.

I'm trying to hold it together and I'm trying not to be overdramatic about this - you have not seen me angry. asrana has - probably.
You've all seen me annoyed and aggravated and exasperated and pissed off and enraged and infuriated and once or twice I might have used the 'angry' mood icon but you have not seen me angry and it is *frightening*. It frightens *me*.

So if you think I'm being all melodramatic, fine - just don't tell me so. Leave me alone for a bit until I've calmed down and then come back and tell me you think I was being silly.
If you don't think I'm being melodramatic, well done, top of the class, *take the hint* and don't say anything to make me angry.

Right? Right.


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