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Heh. I'm slow.

So I'll just...not think about it at all, right?
That's a good idea, isn't it?
What do you mean you don't think it'll work?
Darn, you're right, aren't you.

~resignedly adds to Memories~
(And, later, ~blinks~. Um...and there would of course be nothing I'd ever read or anything that would be even faintly responsible for my response on Saturday. Oh, no. ~shakes head~ One of us is very very slow...)

Blast...foiled again...~wry grin~ I suppose I'll live.

[odd attitude for me] Since avoiding thinking about this doesn't seem to be happening, perhaps I'll just enjoy the thoughts playing out in my head instead of feeling guilty about thinking them. [/odd attitude for me]
See, wildeabandon? I listened!
Be proud.

~sigh~ One of these days, or something.
~blinks~ Did I just type that?
What on earth is happening to me...?

I don't know, but it's nice to know Murphy's law works no matter what's going on in my head...
Later : And even nicer to know that Murphy has an enemy who makes things happen to me just when I've given up on them happening...~smile~

Happy. So. So. Happy.

Although it might be worth one or two people remembering that if they hurt my friends they die in the most inconvenient of ways. ~smile~ Although in this case, I *seriously* doubt the gentleman in question would care.


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