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New survey...thanks asrana...

(I actually did this after the above entry, but I wanted people to bother reading the above one so I've changed the time on this...)

What time is it right now?: Actually? 1:03 pm.
Full name: Emily Hannah Woolf
Nicknames: Em, Kheldara, Khel, Ems, whatever.
Birthdate: 19/06/84
So that means you're how old?: 1067.28
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Height: 6'
Eye color: Blue/grey/green
Hair color: Dark blonde
Righty or lefty: Right
Piercings: Ears
Tattoos: Nope
Birthplace: Down the road in Brighton hospital
#1 Person: The Rhodes
Hometown: Bishopstone (Homevillage, anyway)
School: Roedean (this quiz is making me talk in words of one sentence) (yes, I meant that)
GPA: Eh?
Hobbies: Music books music music books music
Screenname: Duranorak
E-mail address: woolf@mistral.co.uk
What are the last 4 digits of your phone number? I don't have a phone of my own.
Siblings (Names and ages): 2 half-brothers, both in their 30s I think, called Adam and Padmavyuha
Pets: No.
Do you know your neighbors?: Sadly, yes.
Do you have a roommate?: No.


Colors: Purple, black.
Number: 3 & 7
Book: Not sure
CD: ~thinks *hard*~ Probably Air, "Moon Safari"
Radio station: Wave 105.2
Song at the moment: ~ponders~ Sparkle and Read My Lips by Sophie Ellis-Bextor - both very dahlink songs
TV station: BBC 2. ~g~
TV show: NMTB and TOTP2, both of which I'm going to miss this week :-(
Cartoon character: Bucky! Captain Bucky O'Hare, he goes where no ordinary rabbit would dare, if your Righteous Indignation has suffered a hit, and your photon accelerator's broken a bit, and you're losing your mind and you're having a fit, get the funky fresh rabbit who can take care of it, BUCKY! ....~AHEM~ Sorry. ~g~
Movie: Hedwig en ce moment, not sure overall. Maybe The Wedding Singer.
Person to talk to online?: asrana and Rebecca
Person to talk to on the phone?: Ditto
Food: That lemon chicken from the Thai takes a LOT of beating.
Drink: Coke. ~indicates coke can beside her~ Drink of the gods.
Alcoholic drink: No, thanks, but champagne.
Class: English.
Flower: Blue Moon Rose, or a weed whose name I can't remember. It's very pretty and has little purple-pink flowers and my nan keeps pulling it up. And I love my beech trees, currently called Klaus & Dorian.
Word/Phrase: I'm using "to be honest" a lot at the moment. I love "That is *so* yesteryear" also.
Smell/Scent: Vanilla.
Actor: Eh....Bowie? LOL or perhaps whoever's playing Draco, if he's actually as good as he looks like he ought to be.
Actress: MANDANA JONES! ~faints~
Sport to watch: Ice dancing & gymnastics.
Sport to play: Netball.
Animal: Cats & snakes.
Vehicle: Battered red Fords (I grew up in them), Porsches & Jags and a car that I saw when on the road with asrana the other week. GOD I wanted that car. ~sigh~
Female friends: All my friends are my favourite friends.
Male friends: Not entirely sure I have any.
Hangout: My room, wherever it happens to be.
Summer vacation: Chicago in 94.
Pick-up line: I don't even bother trying.

Love life ( Or lack thereof )

First crush: Owen Mellor, the blond-haired, blue-eyed and eight-year-old (he was so grown up!) son of my class teacher when I was 5.
First kiss: Ask someone who knows - I certainly don't.
First Time to have sex: Not yet. (Or, alternatively, August 2000)
Single or attached?: Single?
If attached...who and for how long?: ...
Date around or tied down?: Whatever.
Ever been in love?: Many times.
If so, who and are you still?: The list has had to be modified and is still under review. Please contact our head office for further information.
Do you believe in love at first sight?: ....possibly.
Do you believe in "the one?": I believe in more than one person being able to be "the one"; is that impossible?
Describe your ideal significant other: He's gay, so that's a rotten start. ~ggls~
Describe your ideal date: Sitting in my purple room collectively enthusing about music. (Anorak? You said what? ~ggls~)
Sweetest thing that special someone has ever done for you: Jewel, last night, worrying that I wasn't going to enjoy the evening out.

Juicy stuff
(of which there will be none -Ed.)

Have you ever skinny dipped?: ~laugh~ Hardly.
If so, been caught?: ...
Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: No.
If so, when, and was it mixed company?: ...
Have you ever been intoxicated?: No.
If so, when and with who?: ...
Favorite place to be kissed?: Not at all.
Have you ever been caught "doing something?": ~cracks up~
Are you a tease?: Actually, yes.

Opposite sex ( Females fill this out )

Boxers or briefs?: Who *cares*??? I'd really rather they kept their trousers *on*, thanks.
Long or short hair?: Long.
Dark or light hair?: Don't mind, but I do like dark.
Eye color: Really don't mind. Purple would be nice.
Short or tall?: Tall.
Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Funny?: Mr. Combination-of-the-two, otherwise known as Mr. Gay-best-friend.
Good guy or bad guy?: Ideally a good guy, but they're usuallyt bad guys.
Piercings?: What, him? Oh...~faints~ ~comes round~ ~sheepish look~ Yes. Please. ~g~
Cologne: There's a Ralph Lauren one that I really like.
Snowboarders or surfers?: Aaaargh. Talk to the hand.
Greek or geek?: .....pardon?
Tan or fair?: Fair. Fair! Fair! I do NOT want some sad idiot whose only mission in life is to show off his "gorgeous bod". ~yaks~
Stubble or neatly shaven?: Neatly shaven. Stubble *hurts* (so Nick tells me....~g, d & rvvf~)
Outdoorsy or sportsy?: or NOT.
Accent or none?: Scottish...~ssssigh~
Feature you notice first: Hair.

Are you a

Wuss: Not really.
Druggy: Not at all.
Gang member: ~cracks up~ Hardly.
Daydreamer: Yes.
Alcoholic: No.
Freak: Yes.
Dork: ...not really.
Bitch/Asshole: Definitely a bitch.
Brat: Slightly.
Sarcastic: Oh, no, *never*.
Goody-goody: No.
Angel: No.
Devil: ...kinda.
Horny: Not right this second, no. ~laughs~
Friend: Yes.
Shy: Yes.
Talkative: Yes.
Adventurous: No.
Joker: Sometimes.
~deletes next question as it is an offense to humans with brains~
Call-girl: Not in my present incarnation, no.
Sporty: Not in the least.
Intelligent: Yes.
Flirty: Yes. (Apparently.)


Prettiest: May or Ritchie.
Bitchiest: Odile?
Sweetest: Tasha, asrana, Sara, May.
Smartest: Tasha, May, Hannah, Mary-Anne.
Best eyes: Tasha & May.
Best smile: May's is cool but weird, Hannah's is cute, Ritchie's makes her look beautiful.
Best hair: asrana & Odile. Oh, and Claud's got braids now and they look fab.
Best butt: Oh, Odile, definitely. ~g~ What, I'm supposed to *notice* that kind of thing? (Oh. They probably meant a guy. Right. ~ggls~)
Flirtiest: Odile, Hannah.
Bad girl: Odile, Hannah, and Ritch to an extent.
Bad guy: I know no men, senor.
Nicest: Tasha, asrana, Odile.
Cutest: asrana & Tasha.
Loudest: Odile, no contest.
Funniest: asrana, Rebecca, May.
Most dramatic: Odile.
Most sarcastic: asrana & Rebecca.
Most ballsy: Ritchie.
Most gullible: Tasha, I think. ~s~
Looks most like you: None of them do.
Go to for advice: asrana, Tasha, May, Gilly.
Have most fun with: All of them.

Future side

Occupation: Name in lights...
Dream vehicle: That car I mentioned earlier.
Marriage?: No, thanks. I'll just take the tiara.
Kids?: GOD, no.
If so, their names and how many?:
Pets?: Cats? Possibly?
Honeymoon: Nowhere.
Dream house: Where I live now.
What are you doing tomorrow?: Not a lot, I expect. Watching TV, mainly, I should think. And listening to these CDs if they're good.

Word association

Rubber gloves: Fairy liquid. ~stares~ ~has fits of uncontrollable giggles~ ~really needs to do something about this gutter that's attached to her head~
Green: grow the rushes-oh.
Wet: Wet Wet
Cry: Aerosmith. Don't ask me why. ~baffled shrug~
Peanut: Elephant
Hay: The Woodentops. ("What have we got for dinner to-day, for dinner for dinner for dinner to-day?" "All there is is sawdust and hay!" "Sawdust and hay?" "Sawdust and hay!")
Hot: cold
Cold: warm
Steamy: fanfic. ~ggls~ Honestly!
Fast: Car
Freaky: Useless American high school girls
Stick shift: Pardon??
Rain: is a song by The Cult
Bite: Me, Baby
Suck: Seven Words by The Deftones
Blow: is a film starring Johnny Depp
Hard: the previous three words
Extra long: Andrex. ~g~
Limp: Bizkit. (Duh.)
Needle: In The Camel's Eye by Brian Eno.
Oral: B
Honey: bunch
High heels: Sophie Ellis-f*cking-Bextor
Fetish: High heels (methinks this was the results of a word-association test on the author of this quiz...)
Seal: Kiss From A Rose
Napkin: Serviette, dammit!
M.D.: "We have sold but two cans or Mr. Dog..."
Pakistan: My friend Niche.
Elevator: Love In An Elevator by Aerosmith
Red: Red Wine by UB40

Random questions that are just good to ask

Memory or thing you miss most: My friends from my old school.
Memory you'd like to forget: Last night, please.
Thing you regret most: Oh, there are many.
What you did this weekend: BUGGER ALL! Yay!
Last person you talked to on the phone: ~ponders~ Probably asrana.
Last song you listened to: Melanie Blatt's solo single.
Last thing you ate: A chip.
If you could be a crayon, what color would you be?: Electric blue!
What's the weather like?: Sunny with clouds; the sea is silver.
What's right next to you?: My shopping! And a can of coke.
How do you eat an Oreo?: As part of an ice cream made by Haagen-Dazs.
Contacts or glasses?: Neither.
Who's your daddy?: ~ggls~ FRED DURST!
Do you like to dance?: Yes.
Shy to make the first move?: ...yes...?
Sleep with a stuffed animal?: No.
Stupidest thing you've ever done?: Gone out last night.
Night or day?: Night.
Are you high?: Yes! ~ggls~
Are you drunk?: On coke, yes.

Ready for the last question? No.

What are you wearing right now?: Black shoes, black socks, black trousers, snowleopardprint (ish) top, my watch, a celtic cross necklace, one dangly diamante earring and some silver glittery eyeshadow.

Sorry, I lied. This is the last question? ?

What time is it right now?: 1:42 pm

Last Words: "Bugger Bognor".


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