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Oh. Point.

I currently have no - that's *no* - credit on my phone.
This means two things -
One, don't wait for me to buzz you first (asrana, particularly) - just call me.
Two, if I'm not there, don't leave a message 'cause I can't get it. ~s~
Also it's worth reminding anyone who might be going to be adorable enough to call me that I'm only around in the evenings, and that from about nine - or whatever time I leave LiveJournal. ~smile~

And having said that, another thing to feed my survey addiction

Current Clothes: Black sandals, black skirt, black shirt with tigers around it.
Current Mood: Fairly indescribable, involving varying degrees of "inadequate", "cared for", "lonely", "safe" and "meep".
Current Music: Still the SP. I love that song lots.

Current Taste: Water.
Current Hair: The same as usual - out of control in a good way, much like the rest of me.
Current Annoyance: I can't write the piece I'm trying to, and it's most frustrating.
Current Smell: Oranges, vaguely.
Current Desktop Picture: Nothing here - school doesn't let you put anything up.
Current Favorite Artist: Warhol, which isn't what you meant.
Current Favorite Group: A lot to be said for Erasure at the moment.
Current Book: Nothing just at the minute - this may change.
Current CD in CD Player: '7', Apoptygma Berzerk. ~bounce~
Current DVD In Player: I don't think we've ever used ours.
Current Refreshment: Knowledge that at some point in the day I may speak to ciphergoth, aegidian, asrana and possibly giolla.
Current Worry: Whether or not I can survive this latest attack of unrequitedness. (Not a word.)
Current Crush: Tanya C. Because crushes are harmless fun.
Current Favorite Celebrity: Bowie. ~s~ You know why.

You Touched: Sara, to stop her in the corridor and bounce at her.
You Talked to: Stephanie.
You Hugged: giolla and/or wildeabandon.
You Instant messaged: ciphergoth because Messenger didn't think to tell me he wasn't there; last conversed with aegidian.
You Yelled At: "You bloody scientist!"
You Had A Crush On: Tanya C.
Who Broke Your Heart: giolla, but he was very nice about it and I really don't mind. ~s~

Food: So long as it's good, it's, well, good. ~s~
Drink: Coke!
Color: Black, purple, electric blue.
Album: Side A of 'Dance' by Gary Numan, also currently loving 'Chorus' by Erasure.
Shoes: My shoes for Meeting Cool People. Seriously. ~s~
Candy: Er, Reese's. Yep.
Animal: Cats - all versions thereof.
TV Show: The usual lot.
Movie: Ditto.
Dance: Favourite dance? ~smile~ The Prince Charming dance, probably.
Song: I don't have a favourite; at the moment I'm very fond of 'Love Never Dies (Part I)' by Apoptygma Berzerk, though, obviously.
Vegetable: Asparagus.
Fruit: Green apples, I suppose, if I must.

Understanding: Sometimes to a frightening degree.
Open-minded: Getting more so every day.
Arrogant: From time to time.
Insecure: Incredibly.
Interesting: I'm told apparently I am.
Hungry: Not right now.
Friendly: Yes, usually.
Smart: In some ways.
Moody: Quite often.
Childish: Not unless there's a lot of provocation. So...nyah.
Independent: Sort of. I don't know. I often wonder.
Hard working: Absolutely not.
Organized: About some things, frighteningly so. About others, no way in hell.
Healthy: Not particularly, but I'm still alive.
Emotionally Stable: No. No, no, no.
Shy: Often.
Difficult: I've been told both yes and no...I've no idea.
Attractive: Oh, yes, I'm perfectly attractive, just no-one's attracted to me. Bah.
Bored Easily: By things, yes - people, no.
Responsible: Not very, no.
Obsessed: Always.
Sad: Yes, in both senses.
Happy: Sort of?
Talkative: Hopelessly.
Ignored: Often.
Reliable: Only for things I want to do. ~s~
Content: More so than I am happy.

Kill: Can't think of anyone just now.
Slap: Guess?
Get Really Wasted With: Nobody, but there's a few people I wouldn't mind watching get really wasted. ~g~
Tickle: asrana, because she's so cute when you try.
Look Like: Most of the men on my friends list.
Be Like: countess_sophia.
Talk To Offline: asrana, wildeabandon, giolla.
Online: Well, I am talking to ciphergoth now, which can only be a Good Thing. ~s~



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