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What *is* it about new music?

~bounce bounce bounce~
~bouncy bouncy bounce bounce~
~bounce bounce bouncy bounce~
~bounce bounce bounce~

So :

Geri Halliwell - Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (single) - I know, I know, but I loved it. Don't quite know why.

Nelly Furtado - Turn Off The Light - Don't quite know why I bought this either, but I know that one day it'll be a song that makes me think "this is quite good" rather than "oh, it's the chick with the annoying voice from that Bird song". Still glad I got it though.

Gary Numan - Telekon - I got the missing Numan album!! LOL there are loads more still to get, but at the moment all that matters is that I had the album before this and the album after this but this was the one I'd always wanted! And it's on CD, a bonus this time since it's got extra tracks and B-sides added. Fabulous songs, including the extremely Numanoid titles "Remind Me To Smile", "I Dream Of Wires", "Remember I Was Vapour" and "A Game Called Echo". Can't wait.

The Associates - Sulk - Yes, another cacophonic offering from the best band Dundee ever produced. It's the album nearest to perfect of theirs, and I enjoyed the last one so much that I thought I'd get this.

John Foxx - Metamatic - That's right, asrana, he of the Underpants! That song is on here (it's "click click drone" by the way) along with many others including "20th Century" which, apparently, I'm going to like. Thge exx-singer with Ultravoxx waxxes lyrical about cars and girls, boys and films, water and the motorway. Some lyrixx to follow later.

Also picked up I:D Magazine - darling! and some more nail varnish from Collection 2000, fast turning into its best makers, and some glitter dust from Barry M with which I am severely impressed. No Bourjois though; we decided we'd been ripped off enough for one day...

Now, I've not listened to the Foxx album yet, but I've been reading the lyric sheet and I'm so impressed I have to reprint some of them here for you. Plaza - music for electronic business men. He's A Liquid - slightly disturbing conceptual stuff, sort of performance art made lyrics. A New Kind Of Man - make up your own mind.


On the Plaza
We're dancing slowly, lit like photographs
Across the Plaza
Toward the shadow of the cenotaph

Down escalators, come to the sea view
Behind all the smoked glass no-one sees you
A familiar figure comes to meet you
I remember your face
From some shattered windscreen...

Across the Plaza
A giant hoarding of Italian cars
Across the Plaza
The lounge is occupied by seminars

Down escalators.......

From the Plaza
The highways curve in over reservoirs
On the Plaza
A queue is forming for the cinema...

Down escalators.......


He's A Liquid

He's an angle
She's a tangent
There's some flowers on the bathroom floor
He's a clicktrack
Now she makes a flashback

He's a liquid

He's a laugh
She's a graph
He wears a sticky white shirt and tie
In those viscous clothes
His watch hand glows

He's a liquid

She's elusive
He's adhesive
He's a trickle down a falling wall
They get married too much
She's a soft touch

He's a liquid

He pulls
She pushed
They read The Bible about the flood
She draws the curtains
'Cos now she's certain

He's a liquid


A New Kind Of Man

He stepped out of the film again
Brushed off the dust and walked away
The touch of a hand was fading from him
A different scene began:

A voice-over through scenes of sunrise
"It feels like someone's using my eyes"
Tinsel wind and curtains blowing
He looked down at his hands...

He was a new kind of man
He was a new kind of man
He was a new kind, a new kind of man

He feels the rain upon his face
He's young again, nineteen again
Blue hills on a distant skyline
Someone took his hand...

An underwater kind of silence
Humming of electric pylons -
"Don't forget me" fades in static -
Another scene began...

He was a new kind of man......

Transparent faces from the old school
No-one to project them onto
He drives by 1958
And someone says his name...

He waved out of the film again
He turned and he flickered and he walked away
He felt a distant kind of longing
Another scene began...

Particularly impressed/intrigued by "She's elusive/he's adhesive" in He's A Liquid and the first line of A New Kind Of Man - "He stepped out of the film again" - does that imply that he once stepped *into* the film, or that he is part of the film and has stepped out of it more than once, or...? (I don't have much to do today, as you may be able to guess.) Also the lyrics of A New Kind Of Man are very 'Look Back In Anger'-era Bowie, so I'll be interested to hear if the music has that influence too.



Darling, I wouldn't be seen dead in one.


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