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Could it please not be morning yet?

I didn't get to sleep until four.
I sat up in bed hugging the duvet and somehow found more tears.
I really hate coming down from a good weekend, and given that this last one was one of the best ever...~sigh~
Apparently, though, I did something right. Go me. ~half-smile~

Monday started well but continues badly.

elfgeek, aegidian, I'm so sorry.

~sigh~ More poetry this afternoon I think, since my muse was given a good kicking yesterday; I think she was only silent until I got on the train because she was speechless, as well she might have been. (Someone remind me I have to write an explanation of what I mean by love at some point - it's such a bizarre thing to have to do that I'll forget...)

Just did a google search for appropriate lyrics; dash it, there are none. Will have to write them myself, as usual. Oh, the hardship.


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