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Stolen from asrana, because I'm procrastinating.

Do you like to:

Give hugs?: Yes - oddly enough I don't mind hugging people even when I'm in a terrible, don't-touch-me mood.
Give back rubs?: I'd like to do it more, so I could improve. Anything that makes other people feel good. ~shrug~
Take walks in the rain?: Yes, but nice rain, not driving rain.

You ever have that falling dream?: Never.
What is on the walls of your room?: Glow-in-the-dark stars at home, not very much paint any more here. ~s~
When you chew gum, what kind?: Whatever's around.
Do you use chap stick?: No.

In the last year have/did you...
Drink?: Not at all.
Smoke?: No.
Drugs?: Nothing illegal, which is what you mean.
Go on a date?: Not that I can recall - did I?
Go to the mall?: Being in England, no.
Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: Not in *ages*...~sigh~
Eaten sushi?: No. I can't *stand* sushi.
Been on stage?: Yes oh yes.
Been dumped?: Oddly enough, no.
Watched The Smurfs?: God, no.
Climbed a mountain?: No. Perhaps in the corny metaphorical sense.
Made homemade cookies?: Yes.
Been in love?: Yes oh yes.

More stuff.
Are you popular?: ...I don't know.
Are you pretty?: Not conventionally. I'm starting, very slowly, to have more confidence in my looks.
What is your favorite word to say: I don't know...anything quintessentially British. Oh - "pants". ~g~ Pants is a great word. And asrana, I hate you. ~g~
What is your favorite phrase: It's unrepeatable. ~g~
What song are you listening to?: Nothing, but 'Home' by Erasure is playing in my head.
What are you wearing?: Black, and a pretty necklace and bracelet.

Cold or hot?: Cold.
Lace or satin?: Satin with lace edges?
Blue or Red?: Purple.
New or old?: Old music, new friends.
Rain or snow?: Rain.
Give or receive?: Both.
Wool or cotton?: Cotton wool.
Rose or Daisy?: Lily. (Oh, ok, ok, rose. Leave me alone. ~g~)
Private school or public school?: Private.
Chocolate milk or plain milk?: Plain.
Celsius or Fahrenheit?: Either - too hot is still too hot.
Spring or Fall?: Autumn.
Now or then?: Tomorrow.
English or Math?: English.
Bath or shower?: Bath.
Bedtime phrase: "I've got you" - or it has been for the last few nights, anyway. ~smile~ They're all so sweet...
Self-stick or lick?: Lick! (asrana, they mean envelopes...)
Cursive or print?: Cursive.
Do you like surprises?: Rarely.
Paranoid or Cautious?: Cautious.
Heights or Crowds?: Heights. I hate crowds.
Half-full or half-empty?: Half-empty, but people keep refilling it...
Top or bottom?: So did I, G, so did I. ~g~ Top - although I suppose it depends on your point de vue.
Do you/Would you dye your hair?: Not unless I had very good reason. I actually like my hair.
Speeding or running red lights?: Speeding, but I don't drive and I don't like it when people do either.
Gold or silver?: Silver.
Bad habits?: A few.
Piercing?: See, asrana, I'm worse than you, I jumped back from the computer at that. ~s~ Er, both ears, once. And no more, ever.
Erogenous Zone(s)?: Almost everywhere. It's quite annoying sometimes.
"Maybe" or "Mebbe?": Probably. (When did Feldegast get in on this questionnaire??)
What do you wish you'd done?: Today I have no regrets.
Fetish?: I don't know, I've never understood what the definition of one is.
Do you have one of THOSE voices?: ~laughs~ Apparently I can do. Peter R does.
Neurotic or psychotic?: Psychotic.
Do you talk to yourself?: No, but I talk to my characters, who are probably parts of myself, or are at least created to deal with parts of myself. I used to talk to myself, but discussing things with Cleo is so much more interesting...


Fuck, somebody make me work...

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