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Well, fuck me with a...

...hold that thought. ~g~

Of course - as you do - I've been running around bouncing at people for the last half hour - (yes, even if you can't get tickets, being invited is enough to bounce about) - and I don't think I've ever seen my friends so happy for me. ~smile~

I'm stunned and delighted that they understand me so well.

And the one or two of them that I've told all about you guys have gone "So, how are you going to act this time?" and I went "eek" and replied that I'll be going to the theatre and act accordingly.
Which I hope to god is true. ~giggle, bounce, blush, meep, giggle~
Oh, I'm so dead. ~shakes head~ ~breathes~ Aiyha.

And now I have to wait and hope you *can* get tickets.
I'm impatient by nature, darn it!
Damn, I just distracted myself again. ~g~ asrana, there is no hope for me...

And Peter R and Cleo. So pretty, so wrapped up in each other. I love my characters. ~happy bounce~

~general bouncing going on over here~

I'll stop cluttering now, I promise.


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