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I wrote something!

Yay! I feel so much less frustrated now! Yay! ~bounce~
I should have worked out by now that I live these things so well that it makes it much easier to write about them...~waves piece of paper ecstatically~ I wrote something! Hurrah!

~tilts head~ Every time I think it's impossible for him to piss me off any more than he already has, he goes and does it again. I stand in awe of his power to irritate me.

~smiling, installs mirror in the corner of room 3B~ Too pretty not to. Sorry. ~s~

Later : You know that desire I always have to fix things? It's absolutely there right now. Stop giving me ideas, you silly boy! You're *so* in for it...~wlg~
A little later : ~meep~ Sweet as sugar mice...really...~melt~


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