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The furnishings in 3B are getting more beautiful by the hour, because I can't resist adding things...~s~ Doubt anyone's going to complain - actually, doubt anyone's going to *notice*, to be honest. ~g~

There's another room up for sale though, as Roger Taylor moves completely out of my head. ~sigh~ I might shut it up for good, though...
Actually, I threw him out. But I had to! I can't have someone like that ruining the atmosphere in my head, now can I?
Gravestone says :
RIP Roger Taylor
Jesus, what a complete berk.

~tilts head~ "Somehow...you're all I've...been missing..."
~bites lip~
I've got to stop this.

And last night's dream? I'm not even going *into* last night's dream.
Cleo dreams. Sigh. How do I go about evicting *Cleo*? ~shakes head~

Morning, anyway.


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