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As requested by asrana...

This is just the beginning, you understand...

The potato and the penguin were walking down the street
When potato turned to penguin and said "Would it not be sweet
If we had a brief liaison - tell me, wouldn't that be fine?"
And the penguin smirked and nodded, and said "Yep. Your place or mine?"
Now the penguin, sleek and glossy black, most pleasing to the eye
Led potato to his house, turning all heads as they went by,
And potato couldn't help but feel both pride and sharp delight
At the thought that he alone would have the penguin for the night.
When they reached the penguin's house, opened the door and went inside,
And the penguin turned and looked into his eyes, nothing to hide,
The potato noticed something that he should have seen before -
How the penguin was so very like his own ex-paramour!
But the penguin's sweet seductive eyes made sure he couldn't leave
So he followed, heart in mouth, in boots, and clear upon his sleeve...

Productive Latin lesson, hmm?
~giggles~ Please excuse me this bit of silliness...it was at the request of asrana, honest!
Having reread, I take back my comment of the other night. *This* is the silliest stuff that ever I heard. Tee hee.


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