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Er, my dreams scare me.

So last night I dream that we're at some kind of party, Cleo comes over to me and says "You know you have no hope in hell of getting laid, don't you?".
Then Ash proceeds to prove Cleo, well, wrong.

I scare myself. I can't bear dreams like that and I don't get them often.
But Ash?

Morning. I expect.

Oh, and, ~meepage galore~ Where *is* the time machine when I need it?
I think I'm descended from Superman. Or I wouldn't go round life with this terrible urge to *fix* things.
Gah. ~feels useless~ Sigh.
On the other hand it's reinforcing my belief that I'm completely wasting my time and I could be spending it on someone much more productive*...possibly a good thing.


*But, er, not Ash. Please.

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