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So today was weird...

I was fine all day, and then I got into my singing lesson and just randomly burst into tears. I really don't understand what happened.

Anyway, that was weird, but I'm fine now and dandy...until I see Jewel again, anyway! God, she is so fucking beautiful, I know people say that a lot and I know *I* say that a lot but seriously...I just...every time I see her, her beauty just rakes over my nerves. She's got black hair - yes, it is black, though she's as English as watercress - and the most amazing glittering black eyes, and the whitest skin...she's like Snow White...
She's an ice princess
In a denim dress
Drinking cold champagne
In the pouring rain,
Makes you walk a mile
For one tiny smile -
Snow White, lips like blood
With a metal stud
And her onyx eyes
Never show surprise
And she'd only hiss
At a mistimed kiss
'Cause she just sees love
As the push and shove;
Just a small distress
For this ice princess.


YAY! I got Slytherin again! Thanks, chiriko... Yay! Yay! Yay! ~g~ I rock, y'know. ~ggls~

Anyways, I suppose I had better go do something productive, like watch TV and try to be inspired to continue my supremely cute Eminem&Fred comic. Tee hee hee.

SO NICE not to have KAT in school! ~is relieved~


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