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Because it's nearly one o'clock on a Friday night...

...and I have nothing better to do than read back through people's journals, although I'm very glad I have been, here's :

My Hair: Long, out of control but kind to me, usually, dark blonde, wavy.

My Makeup: Generally purple and sparkly.

My Dream: Last night I got on a train from Budapest to London, it turned out to be (another) rollercoaster, and I wound up part of the film Les Diaboliques in which ergotia and lilithmagna were attempting to murder a series of my bigoted cousins.
Go them.

My Obsession(s): Currently too far away from me. All of them.

My Most Attractive Feature: Physically it's probably my hair or my eyes, but I'd say my slightly wonky sense of humour, apparently my "saving grace". ~s~

My Favourite Thing To Do: Listen to music, write. Bloody online bloody surveys. ~g~

I'm Wearing: Black, black, black, black, black, no I do *not* identify as a goth. ~g~

I'm Eating: my words about a certain LJ user, who I apparently once described as frightening.

I'm Drinking: Coke, as soon as I can get my hands on some. Caffeine! Yay!

I'm Listening To: Heh. 'Lavender', Marillion. Yes, it's on loop. Yes, I'm quite sad.

I'm Feeling: Lonely.

I'm Thinking: "I want to do something but I can't because I'll be rehearsing for my singing exam but I want to do something but I can't because..." Round and round and round my head.

I See: that there's an e-mail I'm just not going to get.

I Find: this surprisingly easy to deal with.

I Want: Cleo. ~g~

I Wish: I'd never met ciphergoth.

I Love: music, everyone on my Friends list, bleeding.
~grin~ Someone find a way to combine all three by June 19th and make me a very happy birthday girl?

I Hate: unfuckingrequitedfuckinglove

I Miss: Honestly? Hell, it's one in the morning, how could I say anything else? ciphergoth.
Just ignore me, I'll be less annoying in the morning.

I Fear: humiliation, a friend of a friend, and - yeah, that.

I Smell: the oranges that someone was eating in here earlier. Sigh.

I Wonder: if I'll ever meet any of you again.

I Regret: ever writing to ciphergoth.

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