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One day back at school and nothing seems to have changed....I'm still hung up over Jewel...Adam's still gorgeous...and oh yeah wait - Ritchie got laid. Well, isn't that just great then? ~sigh~ I'm not particularly happy about it, but there's not a lot I can do about it so...~shrug~
I'm...more surprised than anything else, I guess...by some people here on LJ...no, I'm actually quite angry, too. Some entries seem to have been written in a spirit of the-Americans-deserved-it-and-I'd-have-liked-to-be-in-on-it. This makes me angry - justifiably so, I think.
Or it could just be that I'm back at school and ready to look at everything from a depressed point of view. ~s~ Oh, speeaking of depressing things, you know you're back at school when you find yourself sitting in front of the TV eating bread with nothing on it. They made me - forced me, I tell you! - watch half of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon yesterday. I was being World's Greatest Cynic for hours afterwards - I'm sorry, but when you're watching someone who can walk backwards up walls and then bounce on the ground and land on top of a building half a mile away, you start raising your eyebrows at pretty much everything. (I decline to comment on Mr. Fat. At this stage, anyway. ....Maybe when I watch it next time. Or the time after that. ~ggls~)
Back to armageddon. This is tragic, but I want to say it because...as I was saying to asrana...I have no secrets and I always have to get things out. Please don't think badly of me for this; sometimes one responds to crisis with the most ridiculous of thoughts, and mine was "Oh, god, I so hope Duran are in England" and then I burst into tears. Never mind that I've got a few friends who live in America, never mind any of that - my fucking band came first. What the heck is wrong with me??
Well, at least I haven't been going round saying I might have done the same as those terrorists if I only had the resources ~spits on the ground~ And I thought the drugs were bad.
Oh my god, there's a *real* art student from Birmingham has written in to Ask Katy. ~laughs~ Let's post the question on There, since every other story on There features an attractive - if American - art student in Birmingham. Yay! ~ggls~ I'm sorry, but after all that seriousness, I just need to laugh about stuff. Sorry.
~laughs MORE~ Someone asked Andy what his favourite film was, and he said '9 1/2 Weeks'! ROFLMAO I'm sorry...it's been AGES since I got to the board...I've missed it. ~sniff~ Missed my band. ~looks around~ *Still* miss John and Nick, wherever the heck they've got to. ~sigh~
~kicks Simon in the head~ "If you were a Shakespeare character, which would you be?" Simon : "Richard Burton". D'oh! ~shakes head~ Oh well. ~g~

Guys, I love you. I don't know why, but I really, really do. No group should ever mean this much to just one person, but hey. I can't choose the way my mind works. I'm so glad you're all safe. I love you.


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