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My head hurts...

...from trying to work this all out. ~wry smile~ I suppose I could just go "oh, ok then" but...I'm not like that, and besides, you're all people I hope to write about someday, and so I think working it out will help.
But, um, it's really frying my neurons. ~shakes head~
I don't think either of them really exist. It's something someone's invented just to try and blow up my brain, isn't it?
Come on, own up, you bastards. ~g~

~falls over laughing~ Damn it! I hope my mum's still in Germany; I forgot to ask her about why the best wigs are made over there, but I'm sure she's socialising with a few people who know the answer.
This is all a lot funnier if you're me. ~g~

asrana recorded me the Labyrinth soundtrack. I love her forever. It is beautiful. It is wonderful. It had Kate Winslet dancing like a madman last night, and Elton John which was *far* funnier...this must continue. To say nothing of Cleo, and Peter R, and Amy Sumac who is just *too* pretty for words sometimes...


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