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Someone gag me...

...actually, that's really not the smartest of things to say these days, is it? But there's a reason - someone in our French class has decided to tackle the subject of gay parenting for her speaking exam topic, and I get *so* furious with my class anyway, I'm really not looking forward to further discussion on the topic. This morning featured the gems "But gay men just aren't as loving as straight men", and "But all gay men are really feminine anyway". After that I had to switch off, I just can't take it.
But it's going to go *on* next lesson, and I'm not going to be able to keep out of it, and the stupid irritating bitch who thinks she's the world authority on all things homosexual because she once met one in a bar and I are going to fight even more than we already do, and I just don't want to be *able* to get involved with it. So. Gag me*. ~sigh~

But I'm still smiling, mainly because I am an acquaintance of aegidian, and that's enough to make anyone happy. ~s~

Oh, and can I just say that I love asrana? Because I do.
Thanks. ~s~



* 1) Yes, with a spoon if necessary.../80sgeek
2) Isn't it worrying that there's a few people who could comment and say "Don't talk in your French lessons" and I wouldn't?
It's worrying me, anyway. ~frown, sigh, frown, meep~

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