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In case anyone cares...

...yes, I did get into town, I picked up another John Foxx CD as well as a cheap Toyah GH, a very lovely Sisters LP, a Soft Cell 12", and Roxy Music and Siouxsie singles.
So, yay.
The John Foxx CD seems to be rather lovely, as all his things are.
I wish to goodness I could interest a friend in him.
While I was out I passed some establishment of tweeness selling cuddly creatures from Monsters, Inc. You don't know how close I came to buying myself a James P. Sullivan...~g~ Only asrana will understand this.

Er, and about London next weekend; sorry about this, but my parents want me to tell them who I'll be seeing, when, so that they're not calling the house and then panicking when I don't answer the phone. ~sigh~ Can anyone confirm anything? ergotia? wildeabandon? Nobody needs to feel pressured into seeing me...it's just as easy to say no, it's just so I have a definite answer for my parents this weekend...


"Don't leave me here, don't leave me here, I'm scared to death..."
-Rufus Wainwright

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