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Random unconnected thoughts, as usual.

Hmm. LJ is interesting. Just read something on someone else's journal that I've seen occasionally on mine, that has reduced me to tears over its utter patheticness (not a word) every time it turns up on mine, but must be being used in genuine earnest, from its context on the other journal.
I'm annoyed/curious/baffled/exasperated.

G made me a tape of my own! It has 'The Whole Of The Moon' by The Waterboys on it! Yay!

I know you told me to leave it alone, but I can't help just being slapped in the face with the fact that it still hurts.
I would like to be very angry, very vocally. But I can't be. Because I have no valid grounds for my anger and besides, it wouldn't achieve anything, I'd just anger a lot of other people, and I don't want to do that.

I can't even justify complaining, because friends are going through worse.



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