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Yet again...

> Name: Emily
> Have you ever...
> -Been kissed? Yes. And I like the way they use it passively. So true.
> -Done drugs? No.
> -Gone an extended period of time w/o shaving? Yes.
> -Eaten an entire box of Oreos? Yes.
> -Dumped someone? Yes.
> -Have you ever been dumped? Not as such.
> -Been unfaithful? Yes. ~laughs~
> -Gotten in a car accident? Nearly.
> -Watched "Punky Brewster": No.
> -Made homemade fudge? Yes.
> -Eaten kajmak? What?
> -Been in love? Yes.
> -Seen the Eiffel tower? Yes!
> Favorites...
> -Shampoo: Timotei
> -Toothpaste: Macleans
> -Soap: Camay
> -Type of soup: Chicken noodle
> -TV Show: NMTB, TOTP2
> -Cousin: ~blinks~ Favourite cousin? Dan and Max.
> -Season: Depends.
> -Commercial: Me Ears Are Alight, or The Search For The Rowntree
> -Day of the Week: Friday
> -Least Favorite Day of the Week: Wednesday and to a certain extent, Thursday.
> Either/Or...
> -Coffee or tea? Tea.
> -Cold or hot? Cold.
> -Red or blue? Black.
> -New or old? Old.
> -Dawson's Creek or Party of Five? Big Wolf On Campus.
> -Jeans or cords? Men in skirts.
> -Sweater or sweatshirt? Jumper.
> -Pen or pencil? Pen.
> -Blue or black ink? Black.
> -T shirt or tank top? T-shirt.
> -Skirt or dress? Depends.
> -Stripes or solid? Pardon?
> -Wool or cotton? Cotton.
> -Private school or public school? Same thing in England, aren't they?
> -Celsius or Fahrenheit? I've answered this before.
> -Spring or Fall? Spring.
> -The way it is or the way it was? So, so the way it was.
> On Friends...
> -Do you have a best friend? Not really.
> -Do you have a good friend? Several.
> -Who's your funniest friend? Sara or Toad.
> -Who do you hang out with the most with? Myself.
> -Who do you go to the mall with the most? Myself.
> -Who do you e-mail the most? Mys - no, Gail, probably.
> -Who have you known the longest? Sara.
> -Who's the loudest? Odile, definitely.
> -Who's the shyest? Tasha can be quite shy.
> -Who do you to go for advice? Gail, Tash, Tasha, May...
> -Who's your crush? ~laughs at self~ Ash!
> -Who knows all your secrets? Not even me.
> -Who do you get the most surveys from (via e-mail): Gail, 'cause I beg for them.
> -Who are you jealous of? Everyone.
> -Who do you cry with? Anyone who'll listen.
> In the last 7 days have you...
> -Cried? Yes.
> -Helped someone? Yes.
> -Bought something? Yes. (More records! Pink vinyl! Yay!)
> -Not known the answer in class? No. (In the last 7 *years* have you...no.)
> -Disected something? No. I haven't even dissected anything.
> -Cut your hair? Not in the last 7 days.
> -Worn a skirt? Yes.
> -Been mean? Yes.
> -Been sarcastic? Of course.
> -Gone for a run? Hardly.
> -Gone for a walk? Yes.
> -Gone to the movies? No.
> -Gone out for dinner? No.
> -Said "I love you"? Yes.
> -Had sex? Not as myself.
> -Talked to an ex? Yes.
> -Missed an ex? No.
> -Written a real letter? No.
> -Taken a test? No.
> -Met someone new? Several people.
> -Written in a journal? Yes.
> -Watched your favorite movie? No.
> -Given someone a present? Yes.
> -Had a serious talk? Yes.
> -Missed someone? Yes.
> -Hugged someone? Yes.
> -Had a nightmare? Yes. My dad stepped on a bird-eating spider and there were spider guts dripping down the mirrors in the sitting room. Not pleasant.
> -Fought with your parent? Just one of them? ~g~ No, not really.
> Do you...
> -Have a goldfish? ~laughs~ My family do, collectively.
> -Where were you when princess Di died? I don't know where I was when she died, but I was in the TV room when I read about it on Ceefax.
> -What was the last CD you bought? Um, um, um......um...Mick Karn, Dreams Of Reason Produce Monsters.
> -Where is your computer in your house? Right in front of me.
> -If you chew gum, what kind? Hubba Bubba Apple flavour.
> -Do you use chapstick? No.

> When's the last time you...
> -Showered? (Read "had a bath") This morning.
> -Are you tired? A little.
> -Are you lonely? A lot.
> -Are you happy? Kinda.
> -Are you wearing pj's? No! It's gone one in the afternoon! Honestly.
> -Are you hungry? Very.
> -Are you eating? Not yet.
> -Are you talking to someone online? No.
> -Are you ready for this survey to end? No.
> -How long did this survey take you? Not long enough.


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